my 21 rulesI’ve developed a set of 21 rules that describe my personal commitment and expectations when managing technical efforts. I use them for anything from monthly code deploys to long-running, multi-million dollar projects.

Like they said in The Transporter, you can’t get anything done without rules.

Pat’s 21 Rules for managing technical efforts

1. Manage yourself first.

2. Be the voice of the effort; speak on it’s behalf.

3. Have a Vision.

4. Align all decisions with the Vision.

5. Determine decision roles with RACI.

6. Have a naive mind.

7. Be more than a news anchor. Leaders list, understand, and act.

8. Take Personal Responsibility.

9. Have managerial courage.

10. Prioritize.

11. Break your fragile ego. It’ll be stronger when it heals.

12. Have a strong subject line.

13. No secrets.

14. No surprises.

15. No rumors.

16. Kiss the ring.

17. Use only the resources you need, and only as much as you need.

18. Know what people like to eat.

19. Appreciate the top performers

20. Recognize there are various forms of reward.

21. Plan the end.